Sharing a Vision for Main Beach and The Spit


Main Beach Residents and Spit Businesses fed up with the incessant clatter/racket from never ending helicopters take offs/landings during daylight hours from pontoons located slap bang in the midst of a heavily built-up residential and hospitality area have joined together to form a ‘Coalition Against Environmental Noise Pollution – Gold Coast”.


To help save Broadwater and environs from the incessant environmental noise pollution caused by multiple helicopter take offs and landings (then flying over Broadwater and Federation Walk/The Spit), from an area in the midst of residential, recreational, hotel accommodation and hospitality areas.

The incessant clatter from helicopters is a longstanding disgrace and should be stopped.

A classic case of profits for the few, paid for by the many who have to suffer the noise from 5-minute joy-flights for bussed in and out tourists on whistle-stop packaged day tours.

Fortunately, there has also never been a more appropriate time for action as the State and City of Gold Coast discuss options for the development of The Spit, one obvious option being to move the Marina Mirage based operation to the North of the Sea.

World Amusement Park/Muriel Henchman Park where there is car parking and where it is proposed to have a ferry terminal.

This could even have the benefit of providing an interesting tourist attraction should an aerial based entertainment center be created at a new helicopter base.

Bilinga succeeded in having the joy-flight helicopters affecting their suburb stopped with the assistance of their Councillor: Gail O’Neill and their local State Member, Jan Stucky..

We look forward to our representatives joining the fight to help protect our built-up areas from this environmental noise pollution so badly affecting our neighbourhood.

The ‘Coalition Against Environmental Noise Pollution – Gold Coast’ has a Facebook page – Join the movement;