Just imagine if you could live and work in such an environment 365 days a year...Hi my name is Steve Holmes and I have the privilege of being part of this dynamic active lifestyler machine. RideGC started life as an offshoot of fulfilling the rapidly growing need to centralise and connect the opportunities and experiences here on the Gold Coast. RideGC is a Recreational Cycling Centric Community and has organically expanded through Triathlon, Running and Ironman, because that's what a lot of us cyclist do...but lift your eyes a little more, and you will discover a treasure chest of other 'Active Lifestyle'r opportunities...Outrigger Canoes, Stand Up Paddlers, Swimming, MTB, BMX it just keeps growing and as most will know, the GC is a perfect holiday destination...a perfect Active Lifestyle Holiday destination. Our recreational time is vital and time precious, so getting informed and connected fast and efficiently is valuable...Jump in and join us...Cheers Steve